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Press, Milestones and Memories

4. August 2021

The Dive Shop team has helped in the search for the body of a visitor who has drowned at Otres Beach.

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12. November 2019

The wreck of the Burma Maru is listed in the PADI TecRec Blog as one of the Top 5 wrecks in in Gulf of Thailand.

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28. June 2019

Another article in the Khmer Times about exploration diving.

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Our photo on the cover of the Sihanoukville Pocket Map.

1. December 2017

10 year anniversary of The Dive Shop.

October 2017

Commercial diving mission successful. We helped out a vessel having trouble with an oil leak at one of the trusters.

May 2017

Great article in the British Diver Magazine about the discovery of the Burma Maru wreck.

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April 2017

Discovering the Burma Maru. We found a shipwreck from World War 2. This is the article in the PADI blog.

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April 2017

Discovering the Burma Maru. We found a shipwreck from World War 2. This is the article in the Mares blog.

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June 2015

The Australian Sport Diving Magazine featured The Dive Shop in a 5 page article well written by Pierre Constant.

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February 2014

Dennis has been elected by the dive community in Cambodia to represent the private sector in establisting a marine protected area around the Koh Rong Archipelago.

30. March 2013

Fire broke out in our neighbors bungalow resort and our head office burned down to the ground.

April 2012

The Dive Shop moved away from Koh Rong island to the Sunset Beach on Koh Rong Sanloem where we opened the Robinson Bungalows.

2. March 2012

The New York Times wrote "Cambodia's sweet spot"

On March 4 the New York Times wrote in their travel section about Koh Rong island and published a one page picture of our former island base. 04CAMBODIA-19.html


The German Tauchen magazine published an article in the series "Riffe der Welt"

In November 2008 we have been featured by the German "Tauchen" with the Secret Reef close to Koh Rong island. To read the full article please use the links below; sadly just in German language.

Click here to open Riffe der Welt, part 1 as PDF

Click here to open Riffe der Welt, part 2 as PDF

Click here to open Riffe der Welt, part 3 as PDF

1. December 2007

Opening of The Dive Shop as a business partnership in between the divers Irfan Arndt and Rudy Schmittlein.

Irfan Rudy

Youtube Clips

Expedition Burma Maru

Thanks to the South-East Asia Explorers club and Mikko Paasi.

Expedition Burma Maru

Thanks to Christopher Michael Tew

The Dive Shop 2016

Thanks to Christopher Michael Tew.

The Dive Shop 2014

Thanks to Don't Stay Put

The Dive Shop 2012

Thanks to Christopher Michael Tew

Robinson Bungalows and The Dive Shop 2011

Sunset Beach at the very beginning

The Dive Shop 2010

Thanks to cambodiaentertainman


Valentine B, TripAdvisor May 2020

"We spent 3 days in Koh Rong Samloe, there are 3 scuba diving centers on the island but when we asked iaround everyone recommanded us to go to The Dive Shop. Out of the 3 people, it was the first time scubadiving for 2 of us. Dominic and Rey were very professional and explained the purpose of each equipment and took us on the beach to practice before jumping out of the boat which made us more confident. The atosphere on the boat was great, they even showed us the fishes we may be able to see and the name of each. On the way to the first dive the captain spotted dolphins and stopped the boat for us to take some pictures. Lunch was included and very tasty. We will definately visit again, highly recommanded ! Thank you so much for an incredible experience!"

Melina M, TripAdvisor February 2020

"I loved my open water cert course! I did the 4 day as learning the PADI material on your own can be confusing and costs more than doing it in "the classroom" of the dive shop with your fellow students and an instructor like Junior who was fun and helpful and easy to learn from. Ray took us out to the water. This guy is a pro. Lots of fun too, great sense of humor, and really makes sure you know what you need to know. The whole experience was smooth, easier than I got myself worried it would be and we saw neat fish! The instructors are genuinely interested in marine life too, so they'll geek out with you about the things you'll see down there :) I liked the whole crew, Sam, Dom, Simon the Master diver in training, everyone is friendly and down to earth and super on their game under water. Made it a breeze! The person who replies to email, Zia, seems a little distracted and gave both me and my classmates some confusing information (or missed on sharing information) so I do recommend just read the website up and down First if you've got any logistical questions. The island itself has little or no wifi and zero cell reception, so just be prepared for that. The dorm is minimal, but the balcony hangout area is nice. Plus you'll be exhausted from breathing 15 meters under the sea, so it won't matter. Great island, great people. Enjoy!"

Darcy J, TripAdvisor February 2020

"We done our PADI open water dive course with The Dive Shop on Koh Rong Samloem, It was a enjoyable 4 days with Ray our instructor."

Tanja J, TripAdvisor January 2020

"I can totally recommend the Dive Shop Cambodia for completing your OWD certificate! The staff is super professionell, lovely and nice. From the beginning everything was already super organized. We had an awesome time at Koh Rong Samloem!"

Tammie J, TripAdvisor January 2020

"We had a great time doing our Open Water Dive Certification with Ray at the Dive Shop on Koh Rong Samloem. Ray was friendly and helpful, explaining all aspects of the course clearly and making sure we were all comfortable before doing each element, making the whole experience enjoyable. Can’t wait to put our new skills into action!"

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